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Electric guitar for a beginner

hi guys. i am looking for some electric guitar around 150-250 $. i have never played electric guitar but got some experience with acoustic. i want to use it with my audio interface and cakewalk. i would love to play songs from linkin park, marylin manson, bmth, architects, slipknot, sleep token and ...
by asd36Sun Dec 19, 2021 10:19 pm
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Audio interface help

Hey everyone. I am newbie to audio interfaces so I need your help. I want to ask you which audio interface will be best for me. I am using cakewalk and doing some stuff there and also I am going to buy electric guitar so I want to play/record with this ai and in the future I will buy midi keyboard a...
by asd36Wed Aug 04, 2021 10:25 pm
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