Critique for warm, lively ballad mix / master

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Critique for warm, lively ballad mix / master

Post by Soundsetter Audio »

Hi y'all, I'm fairly new, a year or so, in audio engineering and mixed and mastered my first full song. I hope to get here some advise on the mix and master...
I must say it was recorded very precisely, good mics, mic placement adjusted to perfection, so I did not had to replace tracks or phase shift, so it was quite fun. I would love to hear your thoughts and get some critique, so I can do better mixes next time. I want to start offering my services soon after some more expirience...

The thing is part of a mixing challenge, so it would also be nice if you may give me a heart above the video, mics can be won. :wave: But I'm here for the judgement :) Especially I'm not sure about the low end, the drum sound, the vision of the mix in general and the stereo image (depth and width). Mixed in the box. Thank you!

Listen to my mix here: ... =sharelink
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Re: Critique for warm, lively ballad mix / master

Post by blinddrew »

I assume this is a remix content?
Thoughts as I listen:
Like the phone intro. :)
First thought is that I think the vocal needs another few passes with a fader rider to make it more consistent throughout. There are syllables where it drops under the supporting instruments a bit much.
The piano is super-wide, it makes for a nice ear candy effect but it does mean it almost disappears in mono.
The sample kick that comes in around 44 sec is a bit loud for me (and I like a good bottom end), might need to fade it in a bit.
It's nice and dynamic. :thumbup:
The guitar riffs jumping around right to left are a bit distracting to me. Is it just the one riff over to the right?
Ok, possibly a bit too dynamic at about 2:35 and 2:50! :) Just feels a bit out of control.
Tonally the balance is nice as are the instrument levels, though personally I might like to hear a little more on the bass guitar.
On a second listen through I wonder if you could have created a bit more in the way of ear candy, the first minute or so has nice bits popping up and disappearing but after then it's pretty much just the band playing. I think there could have been space for some interesting reverb / delay throws, bringing back some of the electronic drum sounds, perhaps.
Maybe space for an instrumental drop out for a bar or so to really let the vocal shine?

I wish I'd been producing mixes like that after just a year though! :thumbup:
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