MacBook Air 2012 latency

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MacBook Air 2012 latency

Post by MAK009 »


1/ I have a 2012 Macbook Air 13" 1.8Gz 4mb Ram which I am starting to take 'on the road' to do some overdubs etc while away from my main PC. The latency is horrible with a Scarlet 1st Gen 2i2 interface.
Is it possible to make this rig useable without throwing heaps of RAM money at it or is it just too old and slow?
2/ Also have a same era Macbook Pro which I had to replace the battery-it hates the new battery and runs like a dinosaur.
I hate throwing old gear out but there comes a time!

Any comments much appreciated


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Re: MacBook Air 2012 latency

Post by Sam Inglis »

I think the 1st gen Scarletts use Apple's class compliant USB driver in which case latency should be fine -- if you can run it at a 32-sample buffer size you should be getting 6-7ms round trip latency at 44.1kHz. Or is the problem that you can't reduce the buffer size low enough?
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