M1 iMac Music Production

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M1 iMac Music Production

Post by Lukas13 »

Hello everyone!

Im planning on buying the new 24" iMac with 16GB RAM and the 8 GPU cores, mainly its use is going to be music production. My 2016 Macbook Pro fan noise is horrible when recording or mixing, its never quiet and these computers seem to be super quiet when all the software is adapted to the M1 chip.

I will mainly be using Luna (Universal Audio) as a DAW and maybe Pro Tools.

Anyone there has already tested these iMacs when mixing or recording? Hows the fan noise?

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Re: M1 iMac Music Production

Post by G-Doubleyou »

Draw your own conclusions, most people save money with external storage instead of paying Apple's price.


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Re: M1 iMac Music Production

Post by Macca_25387 »

I’ve been using the mac mini M1 for two months now for music production and it’s been really good. I’d come from a 2012 MBP so it was quite a nice step up in performance. I’m using Harrison Mixbus as a DAW so can’t speak on PT or Luna, but i havnt had any issues with plugins. Go for it.
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Re: M1 iMac Music Production

Post by Kennyscrown »


I'm ready for an upgrade to my 2013 iMac 21 inch, but am completely torn about what to go for. Apple have a 0% credit offer on Macs at the moment, so a new iMac seems like a good bet, rather than get a Mini and have to get screen, keyboard, etc. separately.

I'd love to see if anyone else is using the new iMac for music production and how they are finding it.
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