Mac Migration Assistant to USB Stick?

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Mac Migration Assistant to USB Stick?

Post by james090 »

So I have a 2011 iMac running fine on 10.13.6 and also have a blank Macbook Pro 13'' which I want to install Catalina and make a back up of my iMac

Catalina 10.5.7 seems the latest and best bet, as few issues with Big Sur and a couple of plug-ins not working yet.

Came across Migration Assistant for the first time, needing it, and it looks perfect!

My iMac total is only around 70Gb for everything, and wanted to 'clone' this to the MBP.
I don't mind if a few things don't work or theres a hiccup or two, but i think Migration Assistant might do most of the hard work for me.

Whilst doing this, could I also use Migration Assistant to back up everything to a USB Stick, like a 128Gb USB drive?
Would this transfer over to the stick as an iMac back up and could be used if needed with all the programs, system files in the correct place (instead of me dragging things in folders over one by one and them not being in the correct directories?)

Anyone have experience with Migration Assistant and moving everything to a slightly newer Mac? Obviously I'd test and run projects on the newer MBP to see if everything works, and still keep the iMac as backup, but at the same time a fresh new 128Gb stick with an identical back up would be wise I guess?

Would this work at all?
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