Connector quality

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Connector quality

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I'm trying to find out if the DB25 connectors that I'm going to buy will affect the sound quality in any major way. Will the standard db25 connectors be suitable for audio snakes or do i need to buy connectors that are purpose built for audio> Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Connector quality

Post by Tim Gillett »

Unless they are of such poor quality that they are barely connecting or not at all, they should have no effect on the sound quality. If unsure, you could pay a little extra for better quality connectors. As a rule, connectors tend to fail through misuse or other extreme environmental conditions.
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Re: Connector quality

Post by Hugh Robjohns »

As always, avoid the very cheapest, and don't buy anything marked 'professional' or 'pro-audio' that costs more than three times the average! :lol:

And do use metal shells.
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Re: Connector quality

Post by blinddrew »

And remember there's a bit of a difference between connectors that are going into a studio and probably won't be fiddled with again for ages, and those that are part of a live rig and will constantly be being plugged and unplugged.
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Re: Connector quality

Post by James Perrett »

If you will be regularly connecting/disconnecting them then get some with thumbscrews so that you aren't always looking for a screwdriver every time you want to make/unmake the connection.
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