Sound control in animal shelter

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Re: Sound control in animal shelter

Post by tea for two »

resistorman wrote: Sat Jul 24, 2021 8:28 pm Hello, my brother does volunteer work at an animal shelter, and there is a severe noise problem in the dog room. Please see pictures. ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to put there to soak up the sound? It has to be waterproof

Doggie shelters are heartbreaking for me. Kudos to your brother to be able to volunteer.

Re noise : possibly the simplest though probably most expensive is to put sound absorption mirrors on the middle wall.
Benefit is the Doggies could see themselves thus hopefully not feel so by themselves, so hopefully bark less.

This could be DIY by leaving an air gap between the middle wall and mirror.


There are companies doing this. They may even do it at cost, free fitting, as it's Doggie shelter.

Else as Wonky suggested enquiring whether it could be sponsored by say Rollin Stones (Gimme Shelter), Ed Sheeran (Homeless) :
famous sponsorship would draw more attention from prospective owners for these Doggies to find their forever home.
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Re: Sound control in animal shelter

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When my local supermarket was having extensive work done in the car park the contractors erected heavy plastic sound barrier mat, obviously waterproof for a building site.

Another thought is glass fibre in chicken wire but it must be out of reach, dogs, as you well know will eat anything! ... gJ5tvD_BwE

Pretty sure that ^ was the stuff.

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Re: Sound control in animal shelter

Post by resistorman »

Thanks, everyone. He's decided to go with Astroturf loosely hung so it can be flipped up on top while the floor is being cleaned. Anything will help, I suppose.
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Re: Sound control in animal shelter

Post by Wonks »

Seems a reasonable choice to me. Hope it works well.
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