Mackie srm150 into a powered mixer

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Mackie srm150 into a powered mixer

Post by jazzlivesound »

Hey guys, I am a newbie when it comes to live sound so please be nice..
I have been using the harbinger m120 for a few years, it’s a simple powered mixer with passive speakers, it works great, I know how to use this only and basically nothing else.
Anyway I recently got the mackie srm 150 for a monitor, I’ve used it on its own and it’s awesome, but I’m wondering the best way to hook it up to my PA.
I should mention my duo is just two mics, one vocal mic and one mic-ing the Roland jazz chorus amp.
Would I be best using the RCA REC output on my powered mixer to go into the RCA input on the mackie? OR
use the mackie as my mixer, and I guess run an XLR from the back of the mackie to one of the channels on my mixer? Is this second one even doable?

Last question, I also need to hook into the PA at one of my gigs. It’s an RCA on the wall that they want us to hook up to. What output on what device should I use? Am I OK as long as I avoid those powered outs on the back of my mixer? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
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Re: Mackie srm150 into a powered mixer

Post by Mike Stranks »

Welcome! :thumbup:

If you want to connect your Mackie to use as monitor then, yes, use the 'Record Out' and connect to a suitable (not microphone!) input on the Mackie. Note that you'll only hear the mix created in your Harbinger. You won't be able to set a different mix on your Mackie.

... and you can use your Mackie as the 'primary' if you wish. Just connect the 'Thru' output to a LINE input on your Harbinger - NB NOT an XLR input and you'll be fine...

... and you can set different mixes in the Mackie and the Harbinger - different ratios of voice/guitar - but that would require a bit more kit. :D

In case you don't have the manual for the Harbinger:
Mike Stranks
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