Live multicamera video - sound advice needed!

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Re: Live multicamera video - sound advice needed!

Post by Tim Gillett »

Hugh Robjohns wrote:
Tim Gillett wrote:What about in very poor conditions such as in Chris's venue?

What about Chris's venue? It is what it is. He has usable audio now where he didn't before. The camera shots haven't been compromised. The contributors aren't intimidated. The dramatic improvement cost very little.

What's your point?

Is it possible you already understand my point but...?
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Re: Live multicamera video - sound advice needed!

Post by blinddrew »

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Re: Live multicamera video - sound advice needed!

Post by Kwackman »

Mike Stranks wrote:I'm not going to be drawn Tim...

The wise man has spoken! ;)
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Re: Live multicamera video - sound advice needed!

Post by AlecSp »

ChrisFelixstowe wrote:TBH I do seem to have got most of what I want from the discussion so far, and will raise the mics a bit, but that's where I'll stick, I think, on this one.

Indeed, and that should get you where you want to be. And Mike's excellent budget lav suggestion shows once again that you don't always need to splash a bundle of cash to see an appreciable improvement.

ChrisFelixstowe wrote:The owner is pretty keen to a resolve the echo issue, and I think they'll get some pro advice, which will help when they do. That should sort most of the venue probs.

That would be great, but won't be cheap. And is it a problem for general purpose use of the venue? The human hearing system works wonders to improve intelligibility in a real life environment. And you've already demonstrated that a couple of bargain bucket mics produce a significant improvement for trivial cost. I guess it depends on what he wants to achieve and whether he has the budgert.

ChrisFelixstowe wrote:I have to say that I do find big clunky mics that many vloggers and other use seriously unattractive - they mask half the face sometimes, and I think they look awful . . .

Too true - they're an affectation. Kudos to vloggers who want to improve their sound, but people can be desperate to copy everyone else, where they could actually do so much better with a much more discrete solution - witness the over-popularity of the Shure SM7B for singers looking to look cool.

ChrisFelixstowe wrote:I will try the mic I used the first time, run through the Podtrak to increase the line signal, just to see how in works.

Unless you relocate the mic, all that will do is give you the same rather unpleasant sound, just at a higher level. The only way to reduce the impact of the room is to treat the room or to get the mic closer to the desired sound source.
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Re: Live multicamera video - sound advice needed!

Post by Hugh Robjohns »

FYI: Tim is taking a month long holiday and has ceased his combative and pointless bickering in this thread...
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