Remote Collab - Vocalists & Lyricists Needed

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Remote Collab - Vocalists & Lyricists Needed

Post by amcmusicuk »

Hi all

First post. I'm seeking a collab for a commercial/mainstream dance EP. This is an unsigned & indie project. I can write music all day long, but always struggle with lyrics and melody, until I get to work with a vocalist.

Preferably seeking singers who write their own lyrics and who have the recording facility to lay down their dry vox to backing tracks.

The backing tracks can be developed from scratch to suit ideas. Mixing, post-production and mastering handled this end in final versions. Full credit to be given for both vocals and songwriting credit given for melody and lyrics - written terms provided if need be.

I'm happy to keep this a permanent arrangement for future projects, becoming the go-to vocalist and lyricist for future tracks.

Also seeking licensed remix work for anyone interested in a different take on a vocal.

By all means drop me a line for those interested.

amcmusicuk at gmail dotcom

I've modified the email address format to be less obvious to spam bots - ED.
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