FAQ: New Members' first 3 posts require approval

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FAQ: New Members' first 3 posts require approval

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Due to the heavy, persistent spamming we have had to instigate a Full Moderation Queue in all public forums.

It's in place now and does not affect existing members.

New registrants can still use the red Post a topic and Post a reply buttons but their first 3 posts (or topics) have to be approved/released by a Mod. This allows Mods to delete Spam posts too, keeping the forums uncluttered.

After the third post/topic is approved, new registrants can post freely without restrictions (though still subject to the Forum Rules).

Please note: There's currently no on-screen message to inform newcomers that their post is in a queue, but we're hoping to have this in place at some point soon. They do get told when each moderated post is approved.

We have a small group of Moderators, so please be patient and allow time for your posts to be approved.

Thank you.
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