Recoding quality sound mic-mixer-pc

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Re: Recoding quality sound mic-mixer-pc

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Dawsons are a chain, but they vary greatly in quality of service (good to bad) from shop to shop. It is really all down to the shop manager as to the level of staff they employ and keep (though ultimately down to the chain management not pressing for higher standards). I've only used the one in Reading through necessity of needing something quickly, not choice (but once through boredom). Knowledge of product there seemed to be pretty low in all the staff, even during the week; rather like the dreaded 'Saturday' staff of old.
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Re: Recoding quality sound mic-mixer-pc

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Ah! See now Wonks they are almost ALL "Saturday" staff on zero hours contracts.
The staff at my local Maplins were varied in their knowledge but quite a number were pretty PC cute it seemed to me. They were all very cheerful and helpful, a point I always stressed on the odd occasion I complained to HQ, usually about "web only" stock. Their powers that be never seemed to grasp that if I wanted to wait three days I could buy a 1TB HDD cheaper from almost any other online retailer!

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