Should I pursue singing or not?

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Should I pursue singing or not?

Post by Melissacovers »

Hello there. 

I'm new here and I'd like to get one (or more)  professional opinion on whether I can sing well or not and if it's worthwile pursuing. Don't get me wrong, singing is my very favorite thing to do in the world but I want for it to make sense and I don't want to embarrass myself and keep going, when actually, I don't even have what it takes. ... 913ukcv63j

I'd appreciate it so very much if you could give this a listen and tell me what you think. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Should I pursue singing or not?

Post by BJG145 »

I'm no professional. But I remember an inspirational radio interview with Alison Moyet where she explained that everyone's voice was a unique instrument, and it was just a question of figuring out how to use it.

So, definitely. And it sounds like you have a good head start. :thumbup:
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Re: Should I pursue singing or not?

Post by muzines »

You have a voice that you can control and use to express and communicate, so it would seem a waste not to use it, and learn, develop and improve along the way.

But it depends on what you goals are. For example, the challenges of becoming (say) a stage musical performer are different than someone who wants to be an artist/songwriter, or a session singer, or just sing for friends and local performances and so on.

From what I heard, you've certainly nothing at all to be embarrassed of... :thumbup:
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Re: Should I pursue singing or not?

Post by Sam Spoons »

It also depends what you mean by "should I pursue singing or not"? The answer would be different if you mean as a profession or as a hobby you want to devote time, energy and money too. The former is a crowded field and it takes more than a good voice and some luck to make a living at it (though both are necessary), you have a nice voice but, I suspect, little or no training. Unfortunately there are lots of nice voices out there, just go to your local open mic night and have a listen, and the gulf between those and the singers who are making a success on the professional stage is huge. Virtually all those pro's went to music college or theatre school for three or four years (both my sons did and both are making a living in the profession) and most can dance and act as well.

If you want a great hobby which might earn you some money too the requirements are less stringent, you mention Mama Mia and the movies in your instagram post, if that is your love then get in touch with some of you local amateur musical theatre societies and see who is performing the kind of musical you like. Amateur Theatre has moved on a lot since I was 15 and on the stage crew while my mum and dad performed*, many amateur productions play big professional theatres with production values which rival some professional companies. Some singers even use am-dram as a stepping stone to the profession (my nephew for one).

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Re: Should I pursue singing or not?

Post by CS70 »

Melissacovers wrote: I'd appreciate it so very much if you could give this a listen and tell me what you think. Thank you in advance!

Anyone can sing, so long they're willing to put down the time and effort to learn how to do it. So, sure!

A few singing lesson can open a world of possibilities on how to develop and control your voice - if you have a chance it can be worth grabbing (not because you sing bad now, but there's really a lot of technique to it which makes it easier and better if you know it).

As a professional career - as most things with music, the actual music is only but a small part of the equation - so it's hard, but certainly not impossible.

EDIT: Sam beat me there :)
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Re: Should I pursue singing or not?

Post by conkerzzz »

As a hobby musician, I like your voice and think you have potential!
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Re: Should I pursue singing or not?

Post by johnny wonka »

music is from the heart, dont take inputs from people on what to do about should I sing or not, let your soul guide you... best of luck !
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Re: Should I pursue singing or not?

Post by shufflebeat »

I know some people who have made "careers" from singing.

You can measure success in many ways, some of the people who make money and gain recognition cite other people who made no money and aren't really famous as their greatest inspirations and musical role models.

Generally, money is made and success is achieved as a result of good business practice or good fortune, not the sound coming out of your face.

You do not have to be a "good" singer to be a successful one, being a "good" singer is no guarantee of commercial success. Also, there isn't really any kind of objective hierarchy for what a "good" singer is anyway, Billie Eilish and Jeff Buckley just mumble really (not).

* Have something to say
* Decide on what you think is good singing
* Decide what you think is success
* Learn to love your voice, be critical but that means recognising what's good as well as what's not
* Work at being good (do some research on how hard Sinatra worked at being good)
* Learn where the £$¥€ comes from and how it moves around.

Now put that all together and get a job to fund your project. A job you love would be nice but a job you hate will still make for good songs. The project will never end but it will be fun and you will meet some great people, and not so great people.

Time is on your side.
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