What are you using your Atari for?

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Re: What are you using your Atari for?

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peredur wrote:I have a friend who is a dyed in the wool Atari user. Up until recently, he has been happily transferring files by formatting the FD in his PC and inserting that into the Atari. Suddenly he the PC drive does not want to know, and if he uses FD which is already formatted then the PC will not read it after it has been in the Atari.

Does anyone have any ideas which might help?


A PC can't read an Atari-formatted disk, but a stock Atari ST with a double density '1 meg' floppy can read a PC-formatted disk if it's formatted as a 720k volume.

There are utilities for the Atari that will convert an ST-formatted floppy to 'DOS' format, which can be read by a PC, as well as utilities that will format a floppy to standard PC format but I'm afraid it's been too long for me to remember any names. A few google searches should help there.

He's probably using a floppy formatted on the ST instead of one formatted on the PC. Assuming he has a DD drive in the ST, if he formats a 720k disk on the PC and then uses the Atari to copy the files from the floppy that the PC won't read onto that PC-formatted disk, it should work OK.
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Re: What are you using your Atari for?

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Is anyone still using an Atari for making music on a regular basis?
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