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Re: Pop music production

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Find a way to make them work together, release them as two separate versions of the song, or recycle one idea into another song.
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Re: Pop music production

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Adam Artman wrote:Hello to my all and best freinds.how are you? i have a so important question.
what do you do when you have 2 great idea for 1 song? imagine you wanna create a music for 1 song and melody but you have 2 great idea in 2 different genres for it.what do you do in this time?

Are these ideas for a remix of an original song or two original ideas? If the first then no reason not to produce two different remixes. If they are original ideas and they are different then IMO they are two different, maybe similar, songs...
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Re: Pop music production

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desmond wrote:1. Make a lot of music. Finish things. Learn from everything. Use those lessons to do better next time. Put stuff out there. Work with other people. Care about what you do. Listen to feedback. Learn to communicate. have something to say.

2. No. You can't think "I want to become a powerful record producer", that's just fantasy. If that's where you head is at, you're coming it it all wrong, imo. What you should be thinking is "how can I make this track great". If you can consistently do that, then step by step, with a lot of luck, determination and perseverence you can potentially make a name for yourself and start to build a career.

Be able to make a track great is your first step, and that's the process you need to develop and get down, *waaayyyyy* before you think about a successful career. Because if you can't do that, thinking about anything beyond that is again, just fantasy.

I have to strongly second your statement in point #2. I see it in so many creative endeavors. "I want to be a writer/artist/musician/producer" when it should be "I want to write/paint/play music/produce music."

The focus on being that person rather than doing the thing is a problem with our culture.
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