Musician Bios: How to Not Ruin Your Career?

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Re: Musician Bios: How to Not Ruin Your Career?

Post by Murray B »

I can totally see how it's not a comfortable experience to bear your soul in Bio, but it is part of the marketing tools to sell your music or get a gig and if done well it can really help, as can an active social media presence.

However if you consider that your music is the production of an 'Act' then you can say as much or as little about that 'Artist' as you want and create social media content for the 'Artist' - this might keep a little distance between the personal and the professional. If you don't want your image to be public you could perform and appear in disguise - sorry if this seems flippant, but it has worked for some artists and acts quite successfully.
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Re: Musician Bios: How to Not Ruin Your Career?

Post by ManFromGlass »

Many moons ago I played in a band that didn’t want to influence the listener’s perception of the music in any way. The first LP release had the names of the tunes as - A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 etc etc. But then reviewers wanted information to pass onto interested listeners.
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Re: Musician Bios: How to Not Ruin Your Career?

Post by Mike Stranks »

I'm not disgruntled in the slightest...

I wrote/write not as a musician, but as a consumer of a product called music - who incidentally has recorded quite a bit of music in the last 50 years and helped a few 'up and comers' get their product 'out there'... ;)

I want to know something about the person making the music I do (or don't) like listening to: what makes then tick, who are their influences, how did they get 'into' music, are they 'sociable'?

I say again, if you don't want to play the game that's fine, but you can't have it both ways... if you want to be 'Mr Anonymous' you may get a few followers who latch on to that as your USP, but I suspect most, like me, would just shrug and quickly lose interest. It's a crowded field; marketing the product (you and your music are inextricably linked)) is important if you want to become known and 'sell' product.
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Re: Musician Bios: How to Not Ruin Your Career?

Post by Martin Walker »

blinddrew wrote:If it makes it easier to write, don't think about it as writing a piece for advertising. Picture one fan, or a keen music blogger maybe, who's only just discovered your music, and who's just sent you an email wanting to know a bit more about your background. Write to them.
That will probably come out much more easily, and it'll be a bit more personal and feel less like advertising.

I like this approach a lot! :clap:

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Re: Musician Bios: How to Not Ruin Your Career?

Post by shufflebeat »

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