Rupert Neve 5254 Review

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Rupert Neve 5254 Review

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Good review on the 5254 compressor which received a similar comments as the review of the 500 Series 535 version of this unit. I'm curious though if anyone ever compared this unit to the AMS Neve 33609 N Diode compressor. I am curious which one has more color and with the additional limiter on the 33609 how one can use that feature with the compressor in a positive way. AMS Neve got rid of those ugly square buttons and added a fast attack on the latest version which made it more flexible.
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Re: Rupert Neve 5254 Review

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I compared the RND with the UAD version of the 33609. Obviously not a straightforward comparison by any means, but the essential character of the diode bridge shines through in both which is what I was really checking.

Although the two devices share the diode bridge as the attenuating element, everything else about the two designs is radically different with the RND taking a much more modern and arguably more sophisticated approach.

Their side-chain setups are also quite different.

Technically, the RND performs better -- meaning a little cleaner and quieter -- but it is still capable of a nice harmonic character when driven.

I've always found the 33609's limiter to be a really handy feature, and I'm slightly surprised RND didn't add one too... But doing so would have added to the side-chain complexity and costs, and perhaps the function wasn't deemed appropriate for RND's intended market.

I believe the 33609 was designed fundamentally for UK broadcasters, where having a peak limiter over the top of the compressor was/is a standard and essential way of working, to maintain the law that 'Thou Shall Not peak Over 6'. :lol:
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