Technique for extending the tail of this Snares reverb without colouring it?

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Technique for extending the tail of this Snares reverb without colouring it?

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I am asking this in this section as it is related to Techniques but Mod please feel free to move it if not appropiate here.

I have a sample of a snare that I wish to use and it has a really nice tail that I assume is a reverb. However, it is very warm sounding and not the least bit digital and as the sample comes from 1989 I guess it was a hardware reverb.

The sample is from a drum loop that (in the loop) has Shakers over it but with a touch of spectralayers and some editing I have been able to remove them but it has left the "tail" a lot shorter than it is in the loop.

Does any one have any techniques whereby I could extend the tail to match the length in the loop with out adding any colour so that it sounds natural to the sample. eg: so it sounds exactly like the loop but minus the shakers?

I have tried most of the usual suspects, time stretching even but a small amount adds artifcts so I have gone through my VST reverbs, both as direct inserts and as FX sends, with various EQ settings, low passing, high passing all to try and match the sound of the tail so that the verb sounds just like a continuation of the existing tail.

My reverbs are: Lexicon Chamber, Plate, Room & Vintage Plate, Audio Damage Eos 2, Eventide Blackhole, SPL Mo-Verb, Hofa IQ-Reverb, Softtube TSAR-1 Reverb, Valhalla Vintage Verb and Waves H-Reverb, Rverb and TrueVerb.

Due to the importance of achieving my goal I would be happy to buy another reverb (or any other plugin) if it does what I need.

I include two links below, one for soundcloud and one for my google drive.
The short example file has the snare with shakers first as that shows the mount I need to extend the tail, and this is followed by the snare from which I have removed the shakers which allows a clean audition of the tail the tail that needs extending.

I am not asking any one to physically do this for me as I wish to learn how it can be done if at all.

Thanks everyone

Google Drive
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