Looking for a production partner for songs

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Looking for a production partner for songs

Post by MomoLE »


I’m looking for a collaborative production partner to record/produce some of my songs, as I have almost no production experience. I have about ten to fourteen (or more, if we like) songs we could work on; I'm happy to work on one or all of them, depending on how our creative styles fit together.

Here are links to two examples:

Levande ljuset: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lw_MfV ... sp=sharing

Fireworks: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w6w-Eh ... sp=sharing

These two are examples of some of the quieter songs I have; a couple of mine are a bit fuller/louder, too. These recordings only include guitar and voice, and they're just home recordings, so they're not perfect. I'm currently recovering from a hand injury, so sorry about the awkward/sparse moments in the guitar! In particular, Levande ljuset has a more complex guitar part, my hand struggles to play it at the moment, so what I'm playing in the recording is the bassline for the song.

I am also happy to collaborate on others' work and contribute what I can--areas I like working with include vocals, lyrics, songwriting, classical composition, harmony work, and arrangement (instrumentation/orchestration), to name a few. :)

Feel free to reply here or send me a note directly if you're interested in striking up a conversation. Thanks!
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Re: Looking for a production partner for songs

Post by blinddrew »

I'm getting a 'file does not exist' on those links. Have you got the sharing permissions set correctly?
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