Musical gear survey

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Re: Musical gear survey

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Eddy Deegan wrote: Mon Aug 02, 2021 11:47 am At first glance that looks like a very interesting PDF indeed. I've downloaded a copy and look forward to reading it properly later.

Thank you for following up and posting the results of your work. It would be great if more people did that! :clap::thumbup:

Thanks Eddy Deegan!
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Re: Musical gear survey

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I know i have significantly more guitars now than I had back in 2017.
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Re: Musical gear survey

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I've downloaded the full paper to read later, but have just been through the summary presentation. Wow. Interesting. It is nice to see an outside and objective view of our little foibles and there are quite a few positives here. We help and encourage but don't enable and try to make sure we all stay grounded in our GAS 'struggles'. So, whilst we joke about how serious it is, we try to keep it in perspective. It's particularly heartening to see that we try and stop people getting into debt to achieve their GAS dreams.

In all, it seems to point out that our GAS is a (mostly) harmless thing that is just part of our community. Which is nice.

So ... now that that's done ... I might just go and splurge on a new Kurzweil to celebrate ...

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Re: Musical gear survey

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I read the summery and have started on the full book, really appreciating getting a less anecdotal view of GAS than just seeing it around on the forums and among bandmates. Makes me wonder about it with respect to multi instrumentalists, and sound and recording folks. I know I've shifted gears over time, with my gear for my primary instruments (basses) settling to nearly static, while new acquisitions have moved to secondary instruments (guitars and percussion) and microphones and recording accessories. Simultaneously, the other "sound/recording" guy I play with is primarily a guitarist and the guitar/recording gear split seems to be nearly even, and he has me vastly beat in terms of both age and size of collection (although he's probably more justified as a full time pro).
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