Anyone else's Neumann KH80 randomly reset themselves?

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Re: Anyone else's Neumann KH80 randomly reset themselves?

Post by strangemachinery »

I just set up my new KH80's and within an hour of setting up with control app I had this, 2 days later the other speaker dropped out mid playback for a really long time. I assume from previous posts just turning off auto standby will resolve and I'm probably going to order the KH750 sub with MA1 which i assume also means this problem will go away. GAK have offered me the ability to return them but the fact it's happened with both speakers makes me think it's the app/ DSP and I have no confidence that a new pair isn't going to have the same issue. Poor given the length of time this has been known about and the reputation of Neumann. Has anyone had any success complaining to Neumann directly?
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Re: Anyone else's Neumann KH80 randomly reset themselves?

Post by westmix »

I think mine are going back for similar issues, will probably swap them for some Genelecs.

I cannot get the iPad app to find the speakers. I triple checked all settings on my network and verified the speakers are connected to the network and broadcasting their address via Multicast DNS. I believe it's some kind of bug with the iPad app itself not querying Multicast correctly.

I don't really care too much about the app except that one of my speakers will not enter standby for any reason and I was hoping to try different sensitivity settings for it.

It's a shame these speakers have such issues. They sound great but the software needs some serious improvement in the QA department.
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Re: Anyone else's Neumann KH80 randomly reset themselves?

Post by Ben Wilmot »

I thought I'd share my experience of the KH 80 standby problem.

I had both problems with mine: spontaneously coming out of standby with no signal and sometimes falling asleep where there was a signal.

Only of the pair was 'sleepy', and only first thing after being powered up. It would drop into standby once in the morning then be fine for the rest of the day. The other monitor was the more hyperactive of the two, and would often wake by itself or if I tapped it on the side. The sleepy one woke spontaneously much less often.

Later I added a KH750 (cos I love my KH80s anyway) and the behaviour changed. No more sleepiness, less hyperactivity, but the KH80s had hugely different thresholds for coming out of standby. The previously sleepy one needed at least 24dB more than the more hyperactive one to wake. There'd always a bit of a threshold difference, but somehow having the KH750 inline exacerbated it hugely, to a really irritating level. I'd have to blast really Mr. Sleepy awake, and I took to using the power switch instead.

After talking to Sennheiser UK for a while, they swapped out my KH80 pair. The new ones are barely any better :lol:

The new pair are slightly better, so far as the most irritating problem is concerned, in that their thresholds are a bit closer together. I'm at least using the standby feature again now. On the other hand, they both seem a little more inclined to wake up spontaneously than the previous ones.

I've not tested the new KH80s without the KH750 to see if one of both of them show the same sleepy behaviour. I can't see the point - the KH80 standby circuit just doesn't work very well, and that's seems to be all there is to it. It's fine in the KH750, btw.

In case anyone's wondering, I've factory reset them, swapped them over, changed cables and the interface. I've also experimented with gain structure and the entirely non-functional (so far as I can tell) standby level setting in the app.

Would I still recommend them? Absolutely. I adored them before I added a sub, and I'm utterly besotted with the 2.1 system. I can overlook this annoyance. As much as I'm quite unimpressed with with the complete absence of a solution to this issue from Neumann, I don't regret the purchase at all.
Ben Wilmot
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Re: Anyone else's Neumann KH80 randomly reset themselves?

Post by Onyx1 »

I just bought a pair of KH80 from the US Amazon.

They are power cycle, wake up by themselves randomly. However, I love the speakers and plan to buy the KH750 later.

It is sad the German engineers could not fix the electronic issues after years. It could be too expensive to fix or is not a high priority.
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Re: Anyone else's Neumann KH80 randomly reset themselves?

Post by Hugh Robjohns »

I agree that the absence of a fix for the auto-power issue is frustrating, but I suspect it's a tricky one to solve because of the early design choices. Since the KH80 is a class-2 device -- without a safety mains earth connection it is susceptible to unwanted ground noise, so in installations with less than perfect grounding erroneous power-ups can happen.
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Re: Anyone else's Neumann KH80 randomly reset themselves?

Post by Kayvon »

This is a bit like the thread that won't die. I had an update about two months ago but thought I'd let it lie gracefully.

But now that it's back up again I should report that, in a new setup that consists of a Fantom 7 plugged into one of these Belkin 5 way power outlets where the master turns on the other 4 sockets my problems have pretty much gone away.

I'm not near the setup to check but I'm running cables direct from the Fantom to the KH80 (could be XLR/Jack I can't remember) but I've not had a single instance of power cycling and typically they'll either both go to standby, sometimes one refuses a bit, or they'll just stay on. Gawd knows, no power cycling during playing though and that was the critical flaw before.

Still, a smashing pair of monitors but ones that have put me off 'intelligent' DSP powered studio monitors. Of course this problem could affect monitors without computers in but I'm now of the opinion the simpler the better when it comes to your main loudspeakers.
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Re: Anyone else's Neumann KH80 randomly reset themselves?

Post by rdegez »

Software engineer here. This statement is just wrong. Don't invest any time/money to do 'network isolation'.
I reverse engineered the network protocol (OSC based, BTW) between the neumann.control app and the KH 80 and random interference from other devices on the same network is impossible as long as they don't expecitly target for the IP addresses of the KH 80 and know how to speak with them.
BTW, I managed to control every parameter from my desktop machine without using the app as a proof of concept. If my free time would allow it, I would try to publish a free tool which can replace the ipad app.


This is awesome!
Any chance you could share the reversed protocol so I can play with some OSC client lib and try to have some control on my KH750 without needing a frigging ipad ?

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