Headphone level & Fader at Unity query?? Thank you : )

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Re: Headphone level & Fader at Unity query?? Thank you : )

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Re: Headphone level & Fader at Unity query?? Thank you : )

Post by Mike Stranks »

forumuser840717 wrote:
Hugh Robjohns wrote:His YouTube channel is here:


One of the more sensible and trustworthy YT'ers IMHO

Thanks Hugh (and Mike).

With my high level of engagement with social media :crazy: I keep forgetting that YouTube is more than a good resource for obscure music and pointless time wasting.

I just had a look at his channel listings (haven't watched anything yet) and anyone who can put up a 1:04:39 video entitled "Sound for Video Session: Cleaning Audio Cables and Q&A" sounds like a man after my own heart :tongue:

Ah! That would have been one of his Sunday livestreams... They're an hour - more or less. The usual format is a few thoughts, techniques and tips, quick reviews and flags to useful websites from Curtis, then he deals with pre-submitted questions, also asking those in the chat-room to comment, then it's more interactive with the chat-room.

He's well-respected and attracts some heavy-duty pros to his livestreams as well as those who are just starting out. One of nature's gentlemen...

If you're in the UK, the livestreams are at 1900 BST.

... and of course, it goes without saying that there are an increasing number of excellent vids available from SoS! :)
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Re: Headphone level & Fader at Unity query?? Thank you : )

Post by Jpjb14 »

Mike Stranks wrote:Curtis is one of the best... you won't go far wrong following him - as well as the esteemed writers of SOS of course!

Yeah I have watched many of his videos already and completed his Zoom F6 course. But ahah no I’m also so glad I found this forum too because already even just after two questions, everyone has been so helpful, supportive & welcoming :)
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