Portable/commuter guitar practice

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Re: Portable/commuter guitar practice

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Stratman57 wrote: Tue Aug 03, 2021 12:22 pmI was wondering can you set it up to be played left handed?

Yep -

The INSTRUMENT 1 can be played by both left and right-handed players. The Fretted and Fretless string modes can be set to either a left or right-handed orientation. The INSTRUMENT 1 can globally be set to always right or left. Alternately, it can be set to Automatic flip, where the INSTRUMENT 1 will flip the strings based on how you are holding it.

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Re: Portable/commuter guitar practice

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That's great. Thanks for the info.

Regards, Simon.
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Re: Portable/commuter guitar practice

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It strikes me that your right hand isn't going to get much of a workout with instrument 1. It will be useful for practicing left hand fingerings though.

You mentioned sweep picking in an earlier post. I don't know if you were joking, though, as sweep picking seems pretty far from the blues. :)

Paradoxically sweep picking does rely on a lot of left hand technique, particularly, eh ... I don't know what you would call it exactly -- I've seen it called a 'lay over'. Frank Gambale (the sweepmeister) calls it 'the rubber stamp'. It's playing notes on the same fret with the same finger by rolling the finger. So if you wanted to play E on the B string, then A on the high E, you could play them both with your first finger by rolling the first finger, so the E doesn't ring into the A.

I tend to think Frank Gambale has made his left hand fingerings harder to make the right hand easier, as it's the right hand that is usually the limit on fast playing.
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Re: Portable/commuter guitar practice

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The yellow faced guy looking in the window of the bus seems to be enjoying it.
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