Sample Audio of Different Stereo Arrays

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Sample Audio of Different Stereo Arrays

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Hi all,

I am due to do a little presentation to some colleagues on the subject of capturing natural ambience/space/reverb with different stereo miking techniques (perhaps some selection of XY cardioid and figure 8, mid-side, ORTF and spaced ominis).

For this purpose, it would of course be nice to share some good comparative audio examples that demonstrate what different techniques offer. For my purposes, I am quite keen that the audio samples have a good sense of ambience/reverb but they need to be free of that which is artificially generated with hardware/plugins etc.

Do any obvious/great examples of this spring to mind to anyone? SOS articles or otherwise would be great.

I have found a couple of reasonable examples already:

1. Mid-side vs ORTF is provided in this article: ... olin-piano

2. Schoeps provide this handy player:

Thanks kindly and stay well.
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