Eminent 310 Unique repair

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Eminent 310 Unique repair

Post by mattwild55 »

Does anyone know of someone reliable that might be able to refurbish / repair an Eminent 310U organ in the UK? Obviously it's a bit of a niche item these days (at least outside of Holland and the Jean-Michel Jarre fraternity) and I don't think it is that similar to traditional synthesizers, hence why I've posted separately to the UK synth repair discussion. As far as I can tell it's essentially an old 70's home organ with a string ensemble (precursor to the Solina) attached.

It would need a complete strip down, clean and replacement of all life-expired electronic components - having said that, the keys all appear to work at least and the exterior condition is ok considering the age.

There was someone in Holland who was a specialist with these units but judging from recent Facebook posts he's either given it up or at least won't be taking on new business any time soon.

I have at least found the original circuit diagrams and manual from a enthusiast's website.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Eminent 310 Unique repair

Post by Aust »

Marcus Fuller looked at one:


This link may give some idea of what goes on inside, but he doesn't take other peoples instruments in for repair if I remember correctly.

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Re: Eminent 310 Unique repair

Post by Tomás Mulcahy »

That one is in good condition. We have a 300 rotting in the studio at work for nearly 10 years. Full of "fishcan" capacitors and dirty switches. The Leslie mech is remarkable, great design.

It's a simple job technically but would take a verrry long time, and you'd need a space where you can leave it safely dismantled for a few months.

This translates to- expensive.
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