Session Horns Phase Issues

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Session Horns Phase Issues

Post by apaclin »

This one crossfades between production and arrangement. So I'm making a horn section, tried to use Native Instruments Session Horns for this and Logic Pro's stock ones. Session horns don't sound phasy unless unless I add another layer of trumpet (I use trumpet 1 and trumpet 2 and I add trumpet 1 again, the same part). The last ones brings phase issues (cos of the same samples obviously). But why there are only 2 trumpets there? Who writes a powerful horn section with just 2 trumpets? Seems pretty ridiculous. Any way to get around it or will have to record real horns?

As for Logic Pro's horns – the phase issues are insane there, whatever you layer.
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Re: Session Horns Phase Issues

Post by blinddrew »

Sometimes even very small tweaks to EQ, timing and tuning can be enough to shift things out of that phasey zone without affecting the overall perception of each of those factors. Assume you've had a play with those variables?
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Re: Session Horns Phase Issues

Post by RichardT »

One or two trumpets are quite common in horn sections. If you’re not getting enough from the two trumpets in Session Horns I would try upping the midi velocity on the trumpet parts or use the marcato articulation.
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