How To Make "In-Between" Noise Colours?

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Re: How To Make "In-Between" Noise Colours?

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cool, thanks
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Re: How To Make "In-Between" Noise Colours?

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Wonks wrote: Thu Jul 29, 2021 7:39 am What’s your hearing like? My upper frequency hearing is non-existent. I tried the pink noise mixing some years ago and it worked OK for everything but the really bright sounds like cymbals. I could hear the lower frequencies they made, but not the upper frequencies and the corresponding noise frequencies. As these upper frequencies were dominant, the cymbals ended up far too loud in the mix, so I had to set their levels in the mix context, not to the noise.

I echo this, especially since I venture into electronic drum/percussion sounds which can sometimes have huge amounts of energy over 10kHz.

I love starting my mixes with a basic pink noise balance, but always monitor the mix later on with a decent spectrum analyser (I use MetricAB) so I can spot any 'inuadible' high frequencies sticking out. I also compare my mixes as I go along with well known (to me) reference tracks (again using MetricAB) to make sure I'm not pushing the frequency balance too far in any direction.

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Re: How To Make "In-Between" Noise Colours?

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Wonks wrote: Thu Jul 29, 2021 7:39 am What’s your hearing like?...

This is a part of the "with a little practice" I mentioned, learning to compensate for any known hearing or monitoring deficiencies you may have to deal with. My own high frequency hearing ain't what it used to be, and I expect it will only get worse as time continues to relentlessly have its way, but I've learned to be mindful of this as I bring up sources with lots of high end energy. Still, there will always be more to do after removing the noise reference. Again, the technique is only meant to be a quick way of getting started.
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