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Printed Manuals

Post by Mike Stranks »

The subject of why manufacturers increasingly don't supply printed manuals or Quick-start guides comes up here from time to time with views either deprecating their absence or pointing-out that they're usually available online.

Of course those manufacturers who give the skimpiest of guides and assume you'll pick it up as you go along are censured by one and all.

Today I took delivery of a new piece of kit that I've seen reviewed in several YouTube videos so already had a fair idea what the various buttons and dials are for. But it comes with a printed 38-page Quick-start guide. :clap::thumbup:

Only problem is the size... 10.5 x 14 cms :thumbdown:




Just about readable without a magnifying glass...

Fortunately, the QS guide and a full manual are easily accessible on-line...

7 out of 10... Could do better... :lol:
Mike Stranks
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Re: Printed Manuals

Post by Hugh Robjohns »

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Re: Printed Manuals

Post by forumuser840717 »

Maybe they took the product name a bit literally and you have to buy an RGBlink Maxi or something to get the full fat manual. :beamup:
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Re: Printed Manuals

Post by Folderol »

It's not just user guides. Try reading the information sheets that come with medicines - and that's really important stuff :(
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