upgrading pickups in cozart guitar

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upgrading pickups in cozart guitar

Post by heavenorlasvegas »

i just bought a cozart tele and it almost sounds like a toy compared to my fender mim strat. it sounds fine acoustically and plays nice, but when i plug it in i can tell a real difference. would upgrading pickups make this thing a contender?
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Re: upgrading pickups in cozart guitar

Post by Funkyflash5 »

I'd replace all the electronics since part of how costs are kept low is wider tolerances on parts like pots, but IMO if you like the feel but not the sound, then new pickups are a great idea.
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Re: upgrading pickups in cozart guitar

Post by Wonks »

It will definitely sound better with new pickups. Not worth spending too much on them as the guitar isn't worth it, but in the UK I'd be looking at some Tonerider or Iron Gear pickups for a good performance at reasonable cost. I am led to believe the MIM Strat pickups (at least for a time in the recent past) are made in the same factory as the Toneriders (and some say are identical).

In the US, I'd look at Guitarfettish's GFS pickups. I know a lot of kit guitar builders who've used GFS pickups and are very happy with them. I wouldn't go and invest in a set of Seymour Duncans or Bare Knuckles.

From what I can see on the web it's got a top-loading bridge, which is always going to sound a bit brighter and janglier than a string-through bridge. So maybe pick some of the less bright pickup choices. I'd also suggest a slightly overwound neck pickup as the standard Tele neck pickup is a bit weak in comparison to the bridge pickup.

And as Funkyflash5 says, its worth thinking about fitting some quality pots, switches and output jack at the same time. It won't change the sound, but it will make it more reliable.

Note that the Cozart will undoubtedly have push-on 18-spline knurled knobs. Normal Teles have solid shaft pots and grub screw fitting knobs, so unless you want to get more knobs as well, look for short shaft 18-spline pots. I'd suggest Alpha pots for an easy match.
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