Best laptop for Finale notation

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Best laptop for Finale notation

Post by tsd1980 »

Hi all. I just posted this on the Finale forum, but thought I'd widen the audience a little.

I know this is a hugely subjective thing, but I'd love to know what laptop you use and whether you're happy with how Finale 25 (or later) runs on it.

I'm asking because I have a relatively new Dell XPS 15 and, according to the folks at Make Music, there are known issues with that model (I assume soundcard related). The workaround they gave just isn't sufficient, it's slowing me down, so I want to buy a new laptop and repurpose the Dell.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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Re: Best laptop for Finale notation

Post by Mike Stranks »

I can't comment on Finale as I'd never even heard of it until your post...

... but you make passing reference to 'the soundcard' in your computer. Does that mean you're using the onboard facilities for recording/playback? If so, you'll almost certainly do far better if, like the vast majority of us, you use an external audio interface to handle sound duties.

I'd suggest you try that before going down the potentially costly 'new laptop' path.
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Re: Best laptop for Finale notation

Post by James Perrett »

i think we need to know more about the issues that you are experiencing before we can really help. As Mike says, using a decent audio interface with low latency drivers is vital for serious work.

An XPS should be powerful enough for just about anything although I know that some colleagues at my previous job had some issues with them. I've always found the Dell Precision range to be good although I rarely need low latency for the work I do.
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