Three Vocals, Two Tracks

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Three Vocals, Two Tracks

Post by tigtheastronaut »

I recorded a band live, and due to equipment issues ended up with their three vocalists panned hard left, right, and center on a stereo track.

I'm trying to mix their performance for release, and ideally i would like to process each vocalist separately as much as possible.

I have played a bit with mid/side EQ and compression with decent results, but I am wondering if someone smarter than me might have a good solution for the best way to deal with these tracks.

Thank you!
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Re: Three Vocals, Two Tracks

Post by blinddrew »

Splitting the tracks to mid and side is straight forward enough (BX solo is a free plug in that'll do that for you easily), it's slightly more complicated if you want to process the left and right sides differently to each other though.
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Re: Three Vocals, Two Tracks

Post by James Perrett »

Izotope RX's Center Extract module would allow you to separate all the vocals into 3 tracks though it is only available in the more expensive advanced edition. Adobe Audition's Centre Channel Extractor should also do something similar.

How big are the files? If you PM me a link I could run them through RX's Center Extract here.
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Re: Three Vocals, Two Tracks

Post by Sam Inglis »

You could try out RePan from Audiosourcere.
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