Extra long usb for audio interface?

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Re: Extra long usb for audio interface?

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wearashirt wrote: Fri Sep 24, 2021 1:49 pm Thanks everyone. Advice I've taken from your answers is:

1. Use one single USB cable instead of an extension - excellent suggestion.

2. I've also bumped up the length to 3.0m, just shy of the 5-m length everyone seems to agree on. Hopefully this is a way of not buying twice later on. (Like, when I finally spring to get that 32 input console!)

Turns out I can only make do with USB 2.0 of such a USB-A to Printer-USB cable that we use for most of our interfacaes. USB 3.0 of the same type of interconnect apparently is a different shape.

Yes, USB 3.0 is a bit of a 'zoo'. The 'A' plug on a USB 2.0 cable will work on a Blue USB 3.0 A port but will not fit a 'C' port. The 'B' end will not fit a 2.0 B port. Then there is a rarer 'thin' USB3.0 plug. I have one on an external drive. PITA.

I had a phone with a C port (till I dropped it in the bath!) and was impressed with its ruggedness and the fact that you cannot pug it in the wrong way. The sooner ALL kit is USB C the better!

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