a website vs a YouTube channel

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a website vs a YouTube channel

Post by beginner-sos »


(in order to showcase & sell my songs)

my own website vs my own YouTube channel.


in advance, thank you very much for your kind help

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Re: a website vs a YouTube channel

Post by MOF »

I would have thought both Christian. Having a website allows you to set up an e-mailing list to send information about yourself/band and your products, gigs etc.
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Re: a website vs a YouTube channel

Post by BJG145 »

You might also want to look at Bandcamp and establishing a page there. I haven't looked at the paid options but it might be a viable alternative to a traditional website.

(We do the lot; website, YouTube, Bandcamp, Facebook.)
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Re: a website vs a YouTube channel

Post by blinddrew »

As above: both. They're slightly different tools and allow you to do slightly different jobs.
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Re: a website vs a YouTube channel

Post by RichardT »

It's easy to build a website these days without any coding - so I agree, go for both.
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Re: a website vs a YouTube channel

Post by OneWorld »

I too agree, use both, I think we use the trawling method as opposed to fishing with a line. The wider you cast your net, the higher the probability of a catch. Take for instance that superstar celebrity Stacey Solomon, each day when I browse through the news media on the internet, she is there with her daily trivia dump uploaded to the tabloids, today she 'revealed' the name of her baby.

The content of the press releases is sub-atomically mundane, but she knows how to work the media and studiously carpet bombs the media each and every day in order to keep her profile out there. Seems that's the way it's got to be. Sounds like hard work to me but no one said it was easy.

Additionally, although there are the odd 'stars' that have got discovered after knocking something together in Ableton and putting it on TokTik, GooTube etc I think in truth you're just as likely to win tonight's £180,000,000 Euro Lotto.

There seems to be one tried and tested method of gaining popularity and that is gigs, gigs, gigs and more gigs after that. The media presence compliments the gigs and vice versa. Best of luck (well, in fact there's another truism - we make our own luck and luck is 90% graft, a grafter happens to be in the right time at the right place when he/she is lucky enough to be around when serendipity comes along)
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