Late 80’s early 90’s Bass preamps?

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Late 80’s early 90’s Bass preamps?

Post by heavenorlasvegas »

I read somewhere that alot of bass stuff was done in that era through rack preamps then straight into the console, no amp, no di box. Is this true?

Anyone know of any cool boxes for that type of late 80s early 90s bass sound?
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Re: Late 80’s early 90’s Bass preamps?

Post by Wonks »

The 1989 Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI is certainly one such product, and both the bass and guitar versions of the pedal were used a lot in studios, and still are, (though the digital modelling units like the Helix and Kemper have recently become far more popular for this role).

There's now a mk 2 version with a few extra features. ... driver-di/
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Re: Late 80’s early 90’s Bass preamps?

Post by The Korff »

The new Zoom B6 includes four models of 'classic' DI boxes — two valve and two solid-state. I assume the SansAmp is one of them.

There's a news story about it here, and we'll be reviewing one as soon as they can send it: ... -processor


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Re: Late 80’s early 90’s Bass preamps?

Post by jaminem »

Yes, its true and as Wonks has stated the Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI was the weapon of choice.
If you want the Rack version its the Bass Driver RBI. They've also done a revised version in both pedal and rack format called the VTBass DI, which has more of an 'Ampeg' leaning.

For the full 80's Rack experience look at the Peavey Bass Preamps - I have a Probass 1000. This is cool as it has a crossover on the multiple outputs so you output Full range, High and Low DI and you can vary the crossover on the front.

There's also the Max Bass, the Alpha the TB Raxx. Peavey went mad for them.

Bear in mind that the fashion in the 80's was for lots and lots of treble in the tone, to cut through massive walls of guitars so the top end can be very very fierce. I love all that stuff...but its worth knowing if you plugin and your monitors are up loud...
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