EV RE3 Microphone Opinions

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EV RE3 Microphone Opinions

Post by gorkymate »

Can anybody tell me if they used or tryout EV RE3 microphones? I plan to buy 2 pc's and wanna hear feedback..
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Re: EV RE3 Microphone Opinions

Post by AlecSp »

Bit of a pointless question, I'm afraid, without knowing what you want to use them for.

Also, especially for wireless kit, it's helpful to know what country you're based in.
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Re: EV RE3 Microphone Opinions

Post by forumuser840717 »

gorkymate wrote: Sat Oct 16, 2021 10:01 am I plan to buy 2 pc's and wanna hear feedback..

Set your EQ flat and point them at the front of a speaker that they're feeding. That should do it. :beamup:
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Re: EV RE3 Microphone Opinions

Post by dickiefunk »

I have the RE3-ND76 set and like it. I used to have a Sennheiser XSW65 which was ok but the signal range wasn’t great. I had a few drop outs when using 3+ wireless systems. There were a few artefacts to the sound as well which the wired e865 doesn’t have.
The RE3 has much better signal range and I haven’t had a single dropout despite using multiple wireless systems at fairly large outdoor events. Also, the build quality is far superior to the Sennheiser! My only complaint is the ND76 capsule. I find it extremely bright and it can enhance sibilance. I am planning to change this capsule for either the ND96 or RE520 capsule at some point.
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