Vocal Processing Formula

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Vocal Processing Formula

Post by ashikphilip »

Hi Friends, I just wanted to know, if there's any particular formula for processing vocals

Should EQ-ing be done 1st and then Compression, or the other way around?

I try doing both ways, at times. but just wanted to be sure of this

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Re: Vocal Processing Formula

Post by Hugh Robjohns »

It can be done in which ever order gets the job done most effectively. There is no equation or set of rules. It's just about understanding how the tools work individually and together, and applying them appropriately to address each situation's specific needs.

Eq-ing a compressed vocal just changes its overall tonality.

However, when compressing an EQ'd vocal the EQ will affect how the compressor reacts to that vocal, since the compressor will be more responsive to louder frequencies and less so to weaker ones, changing the whole character of the processed sound in a more complex way.
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