opinions TL Audio ivory 2 5013 and their eq 2 and compressors

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opinions TL Audio ivory 2 5013 and their eq 2 and compressors

Post by slightly »

Thinking about buying some hardware kit for the first time, beside synths..

ive been browsing second hand stuff locally online, I came across TL audio gear with nice low prices for entry level, first step.

Firstly I wouldntm ind trying out some hardware eq for learning better and maybe a compresser or two that kinda of thing. just to see If I can improve my mixes

so the ivory series 2 5013 seems well priced and has 4 bands of eq.
I like the thought of valves to colour the sound a bit..

Im not sure what the difference is to the classic valve series eq 2 which seems to be 4 band aswell with a hp and lp filter..
why are these somuch more expensive than the 5013

what kind of results can be expected from the ivory 2 5013?
are they useful?

I was thinking maybe a valve compresser from this range aswell or something more high end from what ive come across, but dumb question, what would happen having a valve compresser and seperarte valve eq can they be used together nicely, or would this just be toomany valves in the signal- Iknow really dumb question!

Imt hink about this kit as its so cheap as a start out point,maybe
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Re: opinions TL Audio ivory 2 5013 and their eq 2 and compressors

Post by The Elf »

I'm no expert in these matters, but I was told the later Ivory series were built down to a budget (and low Voltage) and the earlier grey/blue devices were the real deal (high Voltage). I can say that I had both EQ1 and EQ2s here at one time and liked them both very much.
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Re: opinions TL Audio ivory 2 5013 and their eq 2 and compressors

Post by BWC »

slightly wrote: Sat Oct 23, 2021 6:00 pm or would this just be too many valves in the signal

That's entirely up to you. Personally, I don't want any valves at all. Others, can't get enough of that color. Not that I mind the color, I just prefer a different set of crayons.
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Re: opinions TL Audio ivory 2 5013 and their eq 2 and compressors

Post by Arpangel »

This is a very controversial and personal area of recording, I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions, keep an open mind regarding valves, and solid state gear.
Getting stuff just because it has valves, or, is surrounded by hype, is a big mistake, at any price, don’t be tempted just because it’s cheap.
There are some really good sounding pieces out there, don’t buy on-spec, you must listen.
May favourite EQ's have been solid state mixer sections, I’ve only heard a couple of high end valve units that made my ears prick up, that made me think they were worth the money, but that’s it.
I have a Tascam Portastudio, an old MM mixer, IMO these are great, the EQ is fantastic to me, and they cost almost nothing.
There are two units by Summit Audio, and Avalon that I like, that I have used a bit, they are special too, and deliver something you can’t get anywhere else, very expensive, but worth it, people do buy this stuff, because? it’s very good, it’s guaranteed to be good, but you pay for it.
I’ve used TL stuff, it’s OK, but it didn’t leave a lasting impression.
Listen for yourself, as I said, it’s very personal, and a valve isn’t always a good thing.
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Re: opinions TL Audio ivory 2 5013 and their eq 2 and compressors

Post by Wonks »

As far as I can make out, the 5013 is mainly a solid-state EQ, with a valve per channel, one half of each valve does the pre-EQ gain level, and one half does the post-EQ level setting.

Whereas the EQ2 is a full valve EQ, so each EQ section contains a valve in its path as part of the circuitry,a s well as in the pre- and post EQ gain stages. Very different beasts.

The overall quality of components will be higher in the EQ2 than the 5013. The EQs also has a mic preamp section per channel, so you can use it as a full two-channel input stage, rather than as post-preamp unit, or as an insert or send effect.

A good valve unit should be deigned to provide as little colouring to the sound as possible. With the 5013, you're probably more likely to distort the solid state EQ stage than get the pre-EQ valve driving into clipping.

As Arpy says, don't assume that because it has a valve or two you are going to get an abundance of extra harmonics. Also, you'll still need to source good pre-amp valves; ones that aren't microphonic or noisy and which can really degrade the signal rather than add to it.
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