Replacement for Ultralite mk1 and/or Micro lite

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Replacement for Ultralite mk1 and/or Micro lite

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Hey y'all,

I had until recently a live rig I was v happy with: a MOTU Ultralite mk1 and micro lite side by side in a rack. Had to upgrade OS recently which means I need to replace the ultra lite; as far as I know the micro lite is still compatible.

It would be amazing to stick to 1U of space so I don't also need to get a bigger rack case...

Anyone got any suggestions - new or secondhand? Key things:

- need 6 outs ideally - two stereo mixes plus click; M4 may just cut it but doesn't seem easily rack mountable; ultra lite was always more than I needed but also v convenient
- need some future-proofability - am on a 2012 MacBook Pro but will inevitably have to upgrade some time probably to an M1 MacBook Pro

Plan A would be another MOTU unit which slips in alongside the microlite but:

- Ultralite mk5 is v expensive for what I need (and seems to use different rack kit)
- not sure how long an Ultralite mk3 or mk4 would last me but these are 100% good enough features-and-quality-wise
- M4 looks good but doesn't seem to rack mount in 1U, let alone alongside micro lite, and 4 channels feels a bit bare bones

So plan B is switch to another solution and get rid of the micro lite as well. I've liked MOTU and have an 828ES in studio, but not 100% a necessity to stick w MOTU for live rig.


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