Bad sounding microphone

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Bad sounding microphone

Post by Carl Toft »

I have a Behringer XM8500 mic and a cheap M-Audio M-Track Solo, audio interface. My mic is currently sitting on my table I am planning to use a mic arm and a popfilter+ shockmount.

All my friends say that my mic sounds terrible even when I have the mic close to my mouth. I am using it with discord only right now.

Are there any fixes or something I can do? If not what should i buy to get better sound?
Carl Toft
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Re: Bad sounding microphone

Post by resistorman »

It would be best to record a sample, put it up on SoundCloud, and post a link so we can hear what's going on. Terrible sound can mean many things.
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Re: Bad sounding microphone

Post by Wonks »

The XM8500 needs the treble boosting by 6dB or so and the bass reducing by a similar amount and then it can sound very similar to an SM58 when used close-up. But it isn't a very balanced sounding microphone without using EQ.

It's not a mic designed to be used with a pop filter. It's a hand-held stage mic. To get a pop filter to work, the filter needs to be several inches away from the mic and several inches away from the mouth, by which time you've got a very low level signal and you've lost the bass boost from the proximity effect.

What do you actually want to do with the mic? Record, or podcast?
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