MIDI device behaving incorrectly within Logic

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MIDI device behaving incorrectly within Logic

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Hello, everyone

I have a Behringer X-Touch One and I am encountering some weird issues with its use within Logic.
First off, the device uses MCU Pro and it's perfectly set up in Logic following the manufacturer's instructions.
Now, the actual issues are: the device is registering the pressing of some specific buttons as if they were pressed more than once.
For example, the STOP button should shop the playhead at the location it's at in that particular moment (just like any stop buttons in the world), but it actually takes the playhead to the very beginning of the project, which is what it should do when the button is pressed TWO times, not just once.
And this is the same for the rewind and forward buttons, and the channel selection arrows. They all act as they were being pressed more than once, but they aren't.
I then proceeded to open the MIDI monitor on my Mac and check if the messages were registering multiple times. Inside the MIDI monitor the device works just fine, with proper note ON and note OFF 127/0 when pressing said buttons just once. The manufacturer told that then the problem must be within Logic, as the MIDI monitor shows that the device is working normally.

Could somebody please help me out with this? I am not nearly as experienced with Logic as you guys are so I am probably missing something to do within the DAW to fix this.
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