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Madrona Labs Software Synthesizers

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I hope this is the correct forum for this...

I rarely see much discussion of Madrona Labs products Kaivo and Aalto. They are about as innovative, fun, educational, and flexible as anything I have tried. Admittedly, they tend toward the technical and experimental as opposed to musical (but you can have musical patches as well as the crazy stuff). "Happy accidents" are frequent, and for just grabbing a preset and fooling around, they are fantastic. Just figuring them out will keep you amazed for hours. The only drawback is high CPU usage, but with a modern computer that should not be a problem.
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Re: Madrona Labs Software Synthesizers

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I noticed a post at lines the other day saying that "Sumu is nearing completion".

I struggle to take Madrona Labs seriously because for me, their most interesting product is the Soundplane, and they've been teasing a new version of that for years with no sign of progress. Nevertheless, I'm aware that their VSTs have fans too.
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