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Anything but streaming

Post by wearashirt »

Has anyone tried to sell and promote their music in any place except streaming? Perhaps purely by ecommerce (bandcamp etal.) or local community postings? If so - how did it go?

Or maybe you had two versions - full band and acoustic , and only either one was available on streaming.

Would love to hear anyone's new ideas even if untested.
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Re: Anything but streaming

Post by blinddrew »

Well, the last time I tried to release something without a streaming option was before streaming was a thing...
But if I was to consider it, I'd be thinking of using non-streamed options for 'value-add' packages. E.g. If you're on Patreon for example, you can release supporters only stuff. Or if you have an old-fashioned fan club, again you can release stuff directly to them with a private link.
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