Updating Mac Pro 1.1 Operating System

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Updating Mac Pro 1.1 Operating System

Post by Jathon Delsy »

I have a MacPro 1.1, 2.66GHz, 2 processors 4 cores, 7GB RAM, with OSX 10.4.11. It seems to work perfectly.
Can I sucessfully load and run a later, or indeed the latest, operating system on a separate disc partition, so I can still use the old operating system with the old software, or boot with the new operating system and run new modern software that is not compatable with the old operating system?
If so, is it worth it? Will the computer perform properly with the new operating system.
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Re: Updating Mac Pro 1.1 Operating System

Post by muzines »

You absolutely will not be able to run the latest macOS on your hardware.

From a quick 3-second Googling, the most recent macOS version your hardware will support is 10.7. You're not going to gain many advantages or any further compatibility with modern software by moving to 10.7, as that is still way too old.

Yes, you can install a new system to a different disk, but again, you're not going to be able to run "new modern software" on OSX 10.7, the highest version your hardware will support, so imo it's probably not worth upgrading the OS, unless there is some specific reason or improvement you wish to gain from doing so.
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Re: Updating Mac Pro 1.1 Operating System

Post by Sam Spoons »

I'm running a Mac Pro 3.1 as my studio machine with OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) which is the latest OSX version it can run. It'e fine for now* but if/when I upgrade it'll probably be for a used M1 Mac Mini.

I bought an original version Stream Deck but the current firmware requires the latest control software which won't run on ElCap :madas: Even more annoyingly they say they have changed the hardware so rolling back the firmware woud not work :headbang: (I'm not sure if that is really the case or just some support bods trying to avoid a complicated/difficult support case. Why update the OV when it's already been superseded by a mk2 version...)
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