Guitar chord recognition software

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Re: Guitar chord recognition software

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Scouser wrote: Thu May 19, 2022 3:12 pm I would say there is more benefit from figuring it out for yourself...

My thoughts also.
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Re: Guitar chord recognition software

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Sometimes, I would agree, but I had a Ravel piano chord that totally had me confused. I think it was some kind of 13th in a most beautiful voicing. Chords are not my strong point.
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Re: Guitar chord recognition software

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For me, there's a cost / benefit paradox in taking the time to try and fully transcribe a song and work out all the harmony. For simple stuff it's quick, easy and I'm playing along after a few bars. for more complex stuff it's a PITA and takes ages cause I don't hear the more complex harmony as easily. For example working out a viable part for Jill Scotts Golden took longer than I would have liked and I'd have benefitted from something that would have spelt out the chord changes for me.

Sadly I don't have the fancy software, Moises is good for basic harmony but I can hear that already. So it's usually trawl of you tube keyboard tutorials and working out what's going on from them. You'd hope that sheet music would be the answer but sometimes even this is inaccurate - especially when it comes to guitar parts.

If I spent more time doing it all from ear, my ear would get better and the whole process would speed up, but in between of times I just want to get on playing and not have to spend hours working stuff out by looping small sections and working out what's going on a note by note basis. Deep down of course I know the only way to develop a skill is to keep working at it :headbang:
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