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iPad App

Post by Kevin Nolan »


I subscribe to SOS on iPad but haven't used the SOS App in over a year.

Today I went to retrieve all past issues only to discover that I'm having to manually download every single issue separately! In the past it was easier where multiple downloads could be set off and I just let it do it.

Does such a multiple issue download feature still exist, or has the app been regressed to the necessity of having to separately attend to each download?

To boot - about half of the downloads fail and I have to restart it! Atrocious!

Over all - it's a diabolical app and need serious improvement, just not acceptable at this juncture.

Kevin Nolan
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Kevin Nolan,KNECT.

Re: iPad App

Post by Forum Admin »

Hi Kevin,

Sorry you dislike our App so much. Being an Apple customer, by purchasing the sub from them, you lose out and do not get all the other ways of accessing SOS content using the full Digital Sub service (which costs the same as Apple's I believe):

* Access to all locked Web articles on our site.
* Mobile phone App access.
* Full Issue PDF monthly download in your MY ACCOUNT 'Downloads' area.
* Integrated access to the page-turner Digital Edition -- which you can register for separately if an Apple customer by going to www.soundonsound.com/digital-magazine

As far as I know the app we produce has never had multi-issue download capability and attempting to download several issues at once will most likely cause problems.

I have dozens of app editions stored on my 32GB iPad Pro and am not required to re-download; this usually only happens if you delete the app and re-install it.

My advice would be to not auto-renew your sub with Apple and instead buy the DIGITAL sub direct from SOS; that way we keep more money, which is what allows us to provide the other ways to access content. We also send you reminder emails when your sub is coming up for renewal.

The app platform we use is employed by hundreds if not thousands of global publishers, and little of it is under our control. Its features are determined by the platform host and we adapt the layouts to suit our design.

Thousands of users enjoy the SOS app on iPads and iPhones and Android devices, but if you still find the app "diabolical" and "atrocious" I suggest you cancel your Apple subscription. No hard feelings from us.
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