Aether crashing my VEPro7

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Aether crashing my VEPro7

Post by Gone To Lunch »

I have recently gone from an Intel Mac to a Silicon.

I have discovered the the 2c-Aether reverb I regularly use is not compatible with Silicon, or it seems, Vienna Ensemble Pro 7.

I am now unable to get into any of my VEP7 projects, because it now won't open, crashing with the msg

"Failed to get entry point in audio plug-in module. Plug is not properly installed. 2C-Audio Aether"

There is no uninstall I can find anywhere, is there any way to get this thing of my Mac?

MOTU support say. that msg is not one of theirs, I am still waiting for a reply from 2C-Audio.

I tried re-installing the VEP7, but that didn't work.
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Re: Aether crashing my VEPro7

Post by BobTheDog »

All your plugins are in Library/Audio/Plug-Ins

AUs are then in Components, VSTs in VST and VST3s in VST3.

Find the plugin and just delete it or move it to the desktop.
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Re: Aether crashing my VEPro7

Post by MarkOne »

Can you open VEPro7 in rosetta mode?
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