XY/NOS miking

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XY/NOS miking

Post by Gizmo1977 »

Using two small condenser microphones (XY or NOS) for a small drum/percussion kit. Besides a kick mic, would miking the snare give any relevant improvement? More problems? Or would you rather separate the condensers one on each side in case the snare was miked?

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Re: XY/NOS miking

Post by Guest »

For a minimal setup I would use the condensers as overhead mics and individually mic the kick and snare.
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Re: XY/NOS miking

Post by Matt Houghton »

There are so many options, and really it all depends on the context: what result you want to achieve and the degree of control you require at mixdown to make the drums work with a given track.

Generally, I tend to prefer building the main image of an acoustic kit from overheads and/or room mics, and then having close mics to give me more options for reinforcement, triggering and/or reverb at mixdown. And I'll always have at least a kick and a snare mic... not least because with those as a trigger source I can reinforce the OH/room mics pretty much however I want. But it's perfectly possibly to get great results without such shenanigans...

There are some great examples in this article on minimal drum miking techniques.
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Re: XY/NOS miking

Post by MarkOne »

I’m always amazed by what was achieved “back in the day” when classic albums were made with 16, 8 and even 4 track recorders, and by todays standards quite modest consoles.

Big rock albums from the early 70s might well only have had 3 or 4 mics on the kit.
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