A little ditty I'm working on for a gander

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A little ditty I'm working on for a gander

Post by Moroccomoose »

So slightly reluctantly, here is the beginnings of a little ditty I'm working on. I really enjoy all the technical stuff, setting levels and creating templates and routing maps and all that stuff (not saying I'm good at it either) but struggle with the creative side. I've started a little tune which I would really like to see through to something complete. I think I've done the technical bits okay.. enough, now the bit where I will struggle.... getting an interesting arrangement that isn't just an endless noodle. (which all too often tends to be where most of my efforts end!)

https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApHK3Zf8zN6EkO59FkF ... w?e=OOpx0y

Gtr1 Gretsch Clean Marshall JCM900 SM58 mic
Gtr2 Washburn superstraty type through VOX Tone Lab fender twin model
Gtr 3 Washburn again through tonelab fender twin model with tube screamer model
Drums by Jamstix, using brushes Kit and Brush player models
Bass el cheapo gear4music bass played through a Korg AX3000B 'scooped amp model with a touch of U-vibe, freeze delay and spring reverb.

Putting the actual performance to one side for the time being, I'd be happy to hear thoughts on the mix and ideas for an interesting arrangement.


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Re: A little ditty I'm working on for a gander

Post by blinddrew »

Couple of things for me, and I'm not listening on my proper kit.
Firstly I'd like a lot more of the rhythm guitars, there's space for them to come up because they're nice and wide panned.
Secondly I'm not a fan of your drumkit sound I'm afraid. I'm not getting any beef to the snare and I think it needs it for a track like this.
But more pertinently on the drums, the arrangement isn't working for me at all. I'm finding it hitting against the rest of the track in a way that is jarring to me.

In terms of the rest of the arrangement, I think you have to decide what story you want to tell and plot that over the course of the piece.
There's space for a bit of upright piano on track like this, likewise a bit of dirty Hammond or Rhodes could fit in if you wanted to flesh it out and add a bit of alternative leading line.
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Re: A little ditty I'm working on for a gander

Post by Aaron Straley »

Nice blues playing on the guitar. It doesn't seem that there is a definite pocket or groove to this song. The drums and guitar are not in time together. Did you notice this? I think you might have a latency issue there.
Aaron Straley
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