Techivation releases T-Warmer [Musical Saturation Plug-in]

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Techivation releases T-Warmer [Musical Saturation Plug-in]

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Hi everyone!
We have good news!

We have just released a new plug-in called “T-Warmer”. It's perfect for injecting unique musical harmonic saturations to low and mid frequencies. You can use it to make anything sound warmer and fuller.

The main solutions T-Warmer offers:

Make low frequency instruments, such as sub-bass, 808s and bass guitars sound thicker and more audible on smaller speakers.
Make the kick drums and snare hits sound rounder and fuller.
Make vocal tracks sound bigger and more consistent.
Tame out guitar and piano peaks, and make them sound rounder.
Add more warmth and weight to the whole mix in the mastering process. Increase the width of thin and weak synth sounds to have them sound thicker.
And you can use it on any other kinds of sound sources with mid and low-frequency information.

Key features

Warmth: Major control of the plug-in, this controls the amount of harmonic saturations applied to a chosen frequency range.
Effect Modes: T-Warmer comes with 4 different saturations, each adding different color and character to the sound.
Frequency knob: Allows you to set your preferred frequency range, aka where the harmonic saturations get applied to.
Oversampling set at 8X.
Dry/Wet Mix.
And discover more:


We’re offering T-Warmer at an introductory price of just $29 now (reg $39).
Techivation Premium plug-in users can get it for just $19 during the intro sale.
And those who currently own all our premium plug-ins, can log in to their Techivation account on our website and get this plug-in for free.
The introductory sale ends on August 15th, 2022.

Free Trial

A free trial version is not yet available for the T-Warmer.

Get T-Warmer from our website:
We’d love to hear from you! Please share your feedback with us so we can continue to create the products and plugins that you would like to see


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