Rick Wakeman intimate charity gig - September 2022

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Rick Wakeman intimate charity gig - September 2022

Post by wildenews »

Wondered if anyone on this forum may be interested in this? A couple of months ahead of his upcoming tour with chance to chat as well:

https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/lordmayor ... ck_wakeman
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Re: Rick Wakeman intimate charity gig - September 2022

Post by Arpangel »

I feel Rick is one of those people who if I met in pub, unexpectedly, I could have a really good chat with, but not in this environment, it’s all too staged, and artificial, besides, I’d probably be very pissed, and he’d probably be thinking, shit, I’d like to tell this guy exactly what I'm thinking, but I haven’t had a drink for f*****g years.
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Re: Rick Wakeman intimate charity gig - September 2022

Post by Eddy Deegan »

I saw him in Brighton doing something similar just before lockdown (whenever that was, it seems a looong time ago) and it was an absolutely brilliant evening even though on the musical front he only did a bit of piano here and there.

He's got many a funny story to tell, tells it well, and had it been closer to home I'd have been in the audience for this one.

If you're in the area, or easily able to travel to it, I'd recommend it.
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Re: Rick Wakeman intimate charity gig - September 2022

Post by MarkOne »

I can recommend it too, I’ve been to a whole bunch of his one man shows, and he’s in equal parts, musically brilliant and hysterical.

Met him a couple of times afterwards too, and while I did manage reasonable coherent conversation, this was before the paid meet and greet machine everyone does now, and more, “I’ll be down by the merch desk afterwards if you want to say hello” I agree, I’m sure he’d be a really interesting dinner guest*.

*missed out on that one too… he was very good friends with my late mother-in-law’s neighbours and there was a standing agreement that when Rick was next down they’d have me and Mrs One over for food. But before that could happen, Mother-in-law had to move into a care home and sold the flat, and that was that.
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